Welcome To Good Self-Directed Support

We’re interested in finding out what you think about your support: what works and what doesn’t. We want to see how it could promote genuine independent living and enable more disabled people’s and carers’ lives to be full of choices, opportunities and participation. We also want to find out how much it benefits families, friends, the community and society when disabled people and carers have the right kind of support


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Focus Groups

We are holding several focus groups to help guide our research on Self-Directed Support

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Your Stories

We are always keen to hear about your lived experience with Self-Directed Support

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Project Intentions

  • To gather data about lived experiences of disabled people and those who care for them
  • To involve disabled people in designing and developing policy briefings to influence policy
  • To improve Self-Directed Support and its provision across Scotland

To allow disabled people to be more in control of and to enjoy our human rights and citizenship.

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The online survey will ask you questions about the support you receive:

  • It will ask if you receive Self-Directed Support or if you care for someone who receives SDS.
  • Once you have completed the survey, you will be given information about the project and where the project results will be published.
  • If you wish to obtain further details about the survey you will be given information regarding where this can be found.