Focus Groups:

A Focus Group is a meeting of people where they share thoughts with each other on topics and questions put forward by a facilitator (a person present who works with the research team). Our intention is that there will be a series of five Focus Groups in total, with  participants selected at random from those volunteering  to take part , with each participant attending only one meeting. Four of the Focus Groups will take place in different local authority areas across Scotland. A fifth Focus Group will be conducted online using SKYPE and will be recorded. This will allow some participants who would not otherwise be able, to participate. The information from each Focus Group will be transcribed with all individuals anonymised (no actual names will be used).

Participation will take approximately 1 hour for each focus Group plus travel time to the location. You will be provided with expenses for travel, any personal assistant, advocate and/or interpreter costs.

If you would like to take part in one of our focus groups then please fill in the form below. It would help us greatly if you could include the name of your local council in the ‘Your message’ box below. Thank you.