The costs and the benefits of good self-directed support

‘Do you currently receive SDS? Are you considering SDS? Or, do you care for someone who receives SDS?  Then, please let us know about your experiences.

‘The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete using a PC, tablet or other online device. All information you provide is confidential and your responses will be held anonymously.
Participating in this study will help us learn more about what is good about SDS and how we can improve SDS.  However, if you decide that you no longer wish to take part in the survey you can withdraw at any time.

Some of the questions in our survey look at your SDS budget, so it might be useful for you to have your paperwork at hand. If someone helps you with your paperwork, ask them to help you. If you are not certain about the answer to any of the questions, please give your best estimate if that is possible.

Please note that this survey does not allow you to save and return to it, therefore, once you begin, you must continue until you complete it. There is not a time limit, and you can go away and do other things providing that you do not switch off your device or close your internet browser.

The research will be published in a report for The Scottish Government and The Big Lottery funders. The published results will be made available via the Self-Directed Support Scotland website, The Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) media outlets, the project ‘The costs and the benefits of good self-directed support’ website and other social media outlets.
The University of Stirling is committed to making the outputs of research publicly accessible and supports this commitment through our online open access repository; STORRE. Therefore, this research will be publicly disseminated through our open access repository.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your participation and remind you that if you have any questions about the research or any queries you wish to raise, please feel free to contact Professor Kirstein Rummery via email at or Dr Siabhainn Russell at  If you wish to speak to someone independent of the project please contact Professor Alison Bowes (Dean of the faculty of Social Sciences)

If you would like further support after completing this study, the links provided below can assist you to find more information:

The NHS Inform website can offer you guidance and support at:

Self Directed Support Scotland offers advice and support at:

SDSS: What we’re saying

The Scottish government information site on SDS can be found st:

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive living is also a useful place to access advice and support:

And, although relating to SDS in England, the following site also provides useful information:

Our Online Survey

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